Student Learning

"Teachers understand student learning and development and respect the diversity of the students they teach."

Reflection on the Standard:

Teachers are often faced with the challenge of educating a diverse group of students. Because every student learns differently, it is imperative for teachers to not only understand the different learning styles and cultural backgrounds of their students, but also to apply this information and use different teaching strategies to meet the needs of every student in the classroom.


To illustrate this standard, I have selected a personal response to Letter 10 of Powell's Straight Talk: Growing As Multicultural Educators, which contains 18 letters encouraging educators to consider the diversity in today's classrooms. In this response, I discuss how cultural incompatibilities between teachers and students can be resolved. Please click the artifact icon below to view this response:

Explanation of Artifact in Relation to the Standard:

Through reading Letter 10 and writing a response, I have developed a thorough understanding of how to meet the needs of all students in a culturally diverse classroom. Not only have I realized that cultural incompatibities often interfere with teacher-student relationships, but I also learned strategies to help break cultural barriers. In my classroom, I will observe the dynamics of relationships within the communities that I serve so that I better understand my students' customary ways of responding and interacting. I will then be able to adapt my lessons to include instructional techniques that are best suited for my students' unique needs.

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