Learning Environment

"Teachers create learning environments that promote high levels of learning and achievement for all students."

Reflection on the Standard:

One of the most effective ways to promote learning and achievement for all students is to create a positive learning environment within the classroom. Teachers should encourage students to share ideas and ask questions about the material. Additionally, teachers should hold high expectations for their students, while simultaneously promoting the higher-level thinking skills that are necessary for students to reach these high standards.


To represent this standard, I have selected a discussion question that I wrote and answered in response to Chapter 2 of Dynamics of Effective Secondary Education. In this question, I discuss the role of higher-level thinking in the promotion of high standards, as well as the role of higher-level thinking skills in mathematics classrooms. Please click the artifact icon below to view my question:

Explanation of Artifact in Relation to the Standard:

In my response, I discuss how the promotion of high standards is an important component of any classroom that is conducive to learning. Through writing this response, I have realized that in order to help students achieve the high standards that teachers set for them, we must help students develop the necessary tools to meet our high expectations. By implementing self-discovery activities in my classroom, I will be able to help students develop the ability to apply, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate, so they will be prepared to achieve the high standards that I set for them.

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