Knowledge of Measurement

"Candidates apply and use measurement concepts and tools."

Reflection on the Standard:

Although measurement is not an isolated skill in college mathematics, I have had many experiences with it and have used it in a variety of settings.


To illustrate this standard, I have selected a project which I completed in Multivariate Calculus called the "Dumpster Project." In this project, my team was asked to locate a waste container, study its construction, calculate its volume, and then determine the dimensions this container should have in order to minimize the cost of construction, while still maintaining the volume and basic shape of the original container. Please click the artifact icon below to view this project:

Explanation of Artifact in Relation to the Standard:

To determine the volume of the selected dumpster, my team and I had to take measurements of the dumpster. During the measuring process, we had to choose tools and units for measuring (meeting indicator 15.1) and then apply the appropriate techniques and tools for measuring (meeting indicator 15.2).

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