Department Learning Outcomes

The College of Wooster's Department of Education has developed a teacher education program based upon the following learning outcomes. These outcomes were initially introduced during Introduction to Education (ED100), and were reinforced throughout the entire program.

  • As Reflective Practitioners, teacher candidates will demonstrate self-evaluation and reflection as they use a variety of curriculum models and instructional approaches.
  • As Active Researchers and independent thinkers, teacher candidates will develop and apply new understandings related to content and pedagogy as they encourage critical thinking, creativity, and problem solving.
  • As Knowledgeable Instructors, teacher candidates will connect content preparation with pedagogy and provide instruction based on current knowledge and an understanding of the development of the learner.
  • As Autonomous Decision Makers, teacher candidates will demonstrate clear understanding of professional standards both in the classroom and within the broader professional community.
  • As Effective and Professional Communicators, teacher candidates will write with coherence and clarity, speak clearly and professionally, and make content comprehensible to students.
  • As Progressive Educators, teacher candidates will use technologies to collect and analyze data and foster appropriate and innovative uses of instructional technologies.

Please listen to my Educational Philosophy for a detailed reflection on each of these outcomes.

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