Collaboration And Communication

"Teachers collaborate and communicate with students, parents, other educators, administrators and the community to support student learning."

Reflection on the Standard:

To help support student learning, teachers need to collaborate and communicate with students, parents, other educators, and administrators in the community. As positive relationships are developed between families and members of the school system, lines of communication are opened and ultimately, the students benefit because everyone is collaborating to help them succeed.


To represent this standard, I have selected a reflection on my experiences at parent-teacher conferences this year. In this reflection, I discuss what I saw my cooperating teacher do during these conferences, as well as reasons why I found her methods to be beneficial to the students. Please click the artifact icon below to view my reflection:

Explanation of Artifact in Relation to the Standard:

Through witnessing these conferences and reflecting on the experience, I have developed a solid understanding of how successful teachers collaborate and communicate with parents to help students succeed. I have learned it is important for teachers to share information about students' academic and social progress in school with the students' parents so that they are more informed about what it happening in their child's education. Parents can use this information to work with their children at home to help them further succeed in school. I also learned that it is important to convey this information to the students, so they have a better understanding of how they are progressing and what they can do to further their success.

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